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30 Days To A Healthy, Clean, Clutter Free Home (In One Hour Or Less A Day!)

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Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels with house work? Or do you keep meaning to get to that bedroom closet to finally sort through all those clothes? It’s only been five years since you last did it! 😉 Well, that’s what I was going through. Always thinking I could get everything done in the matter of a weekend. Cleaning and decluttering. Boy, was I banging my head up against the wall!

First off, I’m a procrastinator. So much so that I purchased the book, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, about how to stop procrastinating. Guess what book I haven’t read yet that I bought two months ago?! How ridiculous is that? So anyways, I procrastinate a little. That was keeping me from getting my house done. It was in desperate need of a cleaning and decluttering and I needed a plan.

So I checked Pinterest (LOVE Pinterest!) for a guide or checklist to getting your home into tip top shape, fast. But every guide or list was either on decluttering or cleaning. Couldn’t find one with both so I decided to create my own. I started by walking around the house and took inventory of everything that needed cleaning and/or decluttering. Then I numbered a piece of paper 1-30 and filled in all the repeated chores so those get spaced out evenly. You don’t want to have vacuuming two days in a row. Next I broke down the rest of the tasks into doable, bite size pieces so I don’t overwhelm myself.

Speaking of overwhelm, this list is meant to make it easier for you to whip your home into shape, not stress you out. So if you don’t complete all the tasks for the day, do not fret. There’s always tomorrow. Just add it onto the next days tasks. While most tasks won’t take more than an hour, I’ve highlighted the ones the will. On the flip side there are quite a few that will take less than an hour, so it balances out.

The great thing about this list is it’s not written in stone. Switch days around to fit your schedule. Make this list work for you, not against you. Cleaning and decluttering should bring a freeing feeling, not stress and overwhelm. If you should find yourself getting frazzled, stop, take a break, think happy, peaceful thoughts and breath. Have you ever tried square breathing? No? Look it up, it works. Brings you right back to center. And remember, this isn’t a race. Your clutter isn’t going anywhere.

Would you like a bonus to this beside a happier, healthier home? You could make a few buck with your unwanted, not junk, items. Have a yard sale or checkout Pinterest for tips on selling on eBay or Craigslist. Would rather donate the items? Big Brothers, Big Sisters will pick up your donations. Help some families in need and get a tax write off at the same time. It’s a win, win! 🙂

Just a few things before I let you go.You’re going to need boxes and depending on how long it’s been since you’ve decluttered you may need any where from 4-10 medium to large size ones. And unless you have help, make sure they’re not so large you can’t carry a full one. Label four boxes- keep, donate, sell and trash and I think it’s pretty obvious what you’re going to do with those. Start decluttering!

I’ve also included some recipes to make your own cleaning products. A happy home doesn’t like smelly chemicals. Can’t stand those air fresheners especially. Ocean Breeze? Really? What comes out of that can does NOT smell like the ocean! I have a great recipe for air freshener that will clean the air using essential oils. Most of the recipes have essential oils in them. I just started dabbling in them and they have been living up to my expectations. I get my essential oils here*.

Now there a couple chores I have to do daily that some don’t. Like vacuum everyday thank to our little fur babies. We have two dogs and if I don’t vacuum daily we end up with a bunch of little bunnies, too! 😉 Also, we don’t have a dish washer so that’s something I really need to keep on top of and do daily. Thank goodness I have a small apartment and there’s only three of us so the dishes and the vacuuming aren’t that bad.

So there you have it. You are now ready to go clean and declutter to make your home a happy, healthy one. Till next time!

30 Days To A Healthy, Clean & Clutter Free Home

Kristine xoxo

P.S.- I just recently took on a part-time job until my coaching practice takes off, so I though it best to go down to one post a week every Friday. I’d rather give you one awesome post than two that I had to rush through to get posted. Thanks for understanding.

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