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What Recovery Has Meant To Me Over The Past 3 Years

I originally had a completely different post planned for today. Then I realized what day it was. Three years ago today my life changed. I was in a death grip from depression and alcohol and had a bottle of pills lined up. I wanted to die. It was the day of my oldest daughter’s high school graduation and if it wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t be there,  I almost added a legacy of her mom committing suicide to that day. Thank God I had a moment of clarity and would not do that to her. So I found myself a ride to the hospital and checked myself in. You can read the rest of my story here because I’d like to focus what recovery actually means to me.

This is what recovery has meant to me:

Recovery has meant taking care of myself. Actually putting myself first in an unselfish way. That simply means if I’m not taken care of, I can’t take care of others to the best of my ability. So every morning I’m up at 4:30 to get my “me time”. This is where I read, catch up on work, work out. All before everyone else gets up.

Eating right is a huge part of taking care of myself and it should be a priority for you, too! I eat a vegan diet and I’m now playing with the idea of cutting out sugar completely. Unless it’s found in the food naturally, like fruit because I’m not giving up fruit. 😉 I’d like to try it for a few weeks to see what happens. Also to be very intentional about my water intake. I definitely need some work in that area.

Recovery means being present with my family. I’m not depressed with no motivation or drowning myself in a bottle anymore. I can actually feel love again. That’s something I wasn’t capable of for a long time.

Recovery has meant going to school to become a health coach. While I do love my current job, it is a dead end job as I have no intention of ever owning a Subway, so school it was. I chose to be a holistic health coach because it was through holistic methods that I was able to cure myself of depression and the death grip that alcohol had on me.

Recovery means holding down a job to support my family and put myself through school. I couldn’t hold down a job to save my life up until three years ago. Now I have a job I love that is supplementing my income until my health coaching business takes off.

Recovery has meant having a clean home and if you read my post 30 Days To A Healthy, Clean, Clutter Free Home you know a clean home is a happy and healthy home. I don’t know about you but when my home is clean I’m much less stressed, too.

I think most importantly though, recovery has meant loving my life and myself. I actually love myself now and that’s something I NEVER thought possible. But I’m a good, caring, empathetic person who wants nothing more than to help other woman get into recovery and lead a healthy lifestyle.

That is what recovery has meant for me. What has recovery meant for you? It doesn’t have to be from alcohol or depression either. It could be recovery from a sugar addiction (Yes, that is a very real thing! See my next post.). Please share! Till next time.

Kristine xoxo

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