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Why I’m Quitting Sugar & Why You May Want To Consider It, Too.

I have recently decided to try an experiment due to a lecture I watched the other day on sugar. Oh my!! Do you realize that a can of Coke has the equivalent of caffeine and sugar as a cup of coffee with nine sugars. Oh my, again!! That is sick. And what’s even worse? A parent thinks nothing about giving their child a can of Coke, but mention giving the child coffee, “No way! Can’t give them caffeine.” Caffeine is the least of the worry. Sugar is way worse.

This country is in the middle of an epidemic crisis with our obesity rate at 70% (Note: 40% of that 70% is children!) and on the rise. Mostly all due to sugar in the Standard American Diet or SAD (and is it ever!). There is sugar in 90% of the food on the grocery store shelves. It’s in everything from soups and salad dressings to breads and pasta sauces. Seriously, why is the same amount of sugar in two Oreo cookies in Prego pasta sauce? Why is there sugar in pasta sauce anyways? But that’s a whole other post. Just know that sugar is EVERYWHERE and to real your labels.

Back to my experiment. I’m quitting sugar for two weeks. Just to see what happens. I’m going to wean myself of and cut down drastically for a couple days, then none. I’m on day one and it went pretty well. I’m actually just finishing up some food that has sugar in it because I refuse to waste food and it’s food my family doesn’t eat like trail mix and Stella D’oro breakfast treats. By Saturday I will be on day one of having no sugar.

So, as I stated this is for an experiment, however there are numerous other reasons it’s a good idea to quit sugar and here they are.

Why you may want to quit sugar, too!

  • The fructose in sugar messes up the livers normal function.
  • Fructose interferes with the appetite hormone leptin and we never feel full from it so we eat more.
  • Sugar makes us fat. Studies show sugar is directly related to obesity.
  • Sugar makes us sick. Studies also show it can be linked to increased risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, ages the body and causes wrinkles (I’m sold!), causes allergies, hair loss, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, hypertension and tooth decay.
  • Sugar causes blood sugar imbalances by high sugar intake.
  • Sugar compromises the ability of white cells to destroy toxins causing inflammation. And inflammation compromises most immune function.
  • Sugar inflames the digestive tract leading to leaky gut syndrome.
  • Sugar causes the pancreas to secrete insulin to move excess sugar from blood to cells. Completely normal process. But when you eat to much sugar the cells lose the ability to respond to insulin so the pancreas responds by pumping out more insulin leading to insulin resistance.
  • Sugar can ruin your gut flora and microbiome which is believed to be the seat of all wellness.
  • Finally, sugar has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine. While the study was preformed with rats (do not agree with that) they went for the sugar drip, when given the choice, after being forced into being addicted to cocaine.

Hopefully I shined a little light on all the harm sugar can do to the body. Won’t you join me in quitting sugar to? Or have you already? I’d love to hear from you! Drop a note in the comments below. Till next time.

Kristine  xoxo

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